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74th Seriesexpand_more 75er Serie AC-AC-Converters AC/DC-Converter Alteraexpand_more Amplifier ICsexpand_more Analog Device Antennas ARDUINOexpand_more ATMELexpand_more AUDIO Componentsexpand_more Batteriesexpand_more BIVAR Bridge Rectifiersexpand_more Burr Brownexpand_more Cableexpand_more Capacitorsexpand_more Car Accessoriesexpand_more Cellular Phone, Tabletexpand_more Chemical Productsexpand_more Clock ICsexpand_more CMOSexpand_more Connectors, Terminal Blocksexpand_more Coupler not optical CPLDsexpand_more Crystalsexpand_more Current Regulators Dallasexpand_more DC-DC-Conv.expand_more Diodesexpand_more Distance Boltsexpand_more Driver ICsexpand_more ELDAT Radio controlsexpand_more EMVexpand_more Enclosuresexpand_more EVG Fansexpand_more FANUC Ferrites Filtersexpand_more Flash Devicesexpand_more FPGAexpand_more Fusesexpand_more GALsexpand_more Heat Conductor Pastes Heat-Shrinkable Tubingexpand_more Heatsinkexpand_more HF Devices household equipment service parts IC Sockets, Accessoriesexpand_more ICs alphabeticalexpand_more IDC Connectorsexpand_more IDC-Female Headersexpand_more IGBTexpand_more Inductorsexpand_more Industrial Spar Partsexpand_more Interface ICsexpand_more IR-Receivers IR-Transmitter IrDA Isolators Jantzen Audioexpand_more Jumper Kits and moreexpand_more Lampsexpand_more Latticeexpand_more LCD Displaysexpand_more LCD-LED-Driver LED Power Suppliesexpand_more LED stripes LED-Displaysexpand_more LED-Lamps LEDsexpand_more Linear Technology Logic ICsexpand_more Magnetsexpand_more MAXIMexpand_more Memoriesexpand_more Metersexpand_more Microchipexpand_more Microcontrollerexpand_more Microphones Modelingexpand_more Motorsexpand_more NAVI (accessories) Notebook Tablettsexpand_more NTC and PTC Thermistorsexpand_more OBD (Car) OPTEKexpand_more Optocouplersexpand_more Optoelectronicsexpand_more Optotriacsexpand_more PALs PC Componentsexpand_more Photo Diodes Photo Resistors Photointerruptersexpand_more Phototransistors Photovoltaicexpand_more Playstation Potentiometers/Encodersexpand_more Power Suppliesexpand_more Printed Circuit Boardsexpand_more Programming Equipmentexpand_more Radioexpand_more Raspberryexpand_more Real Time Clock Rechargeable Batteriesexpand_more Reed Sensors Relaysexpand_more Repair-Kits Resistorsexpand_more RF and RFID SCHUETZINGERexpand_more Screws and Nuts ++expand_more Sensorsexpand_more Signal Conv.expand_more Signal Filters/Mixers/Modulatorsexpand_more Signal Generatorsexpand_more Signal Lamp Silicon Labs Smart Power Switches Solderexpand_more Sound Sourcesexpand_more Speakers Sprays Switch Mode Converters Switchesexpand_more Test Probes Thyristorexpand_more Timer Toolsexpand_more TouchScreen Transducerexpand_more Transformerexpand_more Transistorsexpand_more ALPHA&OMEGAexpand_more OPTIMOS Alphabeticalexpand_more 2Nexpand_more 2SAexpand_more 2SAR 2SB 2SCexpand_more 2SD 2SJ 2SK 2ST 3N 3SK AC AD AF AFY AL AO3 AO4 AO6 AO8 AOB AOD AOE AOI AON2 AON3 AON5 AON6 AON7 AOT AOTF APM ASY AU AY BC BCP BCR BCV BCW BCX BCY BD BDP BDT BDV BDW BDX BDY BF BFG BFN BFP BFQ BFR BFS BFT BFU BFW BFX BFY BG*** BLF BLW BLX BS BSA BSC BSD BSL BSN BSO BSP BSR BSS BST BSV BSW BSX BSY BTS BU BUF BUH BUK BUL BUS BUT BUV BUW BUX BUY BUZ C*** CPC D*** E*** F*** FB (Power Mosfet IR) FCA FCB FCD FCH FCP FDA FDB FDC FDD FDF FDG FDH FDM FDN FDP FDS FDU FDV FDY FQA FQB FQD FQI FQP FQT FQU G*** H** HUF I*** IPA IPB IPD IPDH IPF IPI IPP IPU IPW IRC IRCZ IRFexpand_more IRFB IRFBC IRFBE IRFBF IRFBG IRFD IRFHM IRFI IRFIB IRFIZ IRFL IRFM IRFP IRFPC IRFPE IRFPF IRFPG IRFPS IRFR IRFRC IRFS IRFU IRFUC IRFZ IRL IRLB IRLD IRLI IRLIZ IRLL IRLML IRLR IRLU IRLZ IXFA IXFC IXFH IXFK IXFM IXFN IXFP IXFR IXFT IXFV IXFX IXFY IXTA IXTC IXTH IXTI IXTN IXTP IXTQ IXTT IXTV IXTY J*** K*** L**** M*** MJ MJD MJE MJF MJH MJL MMB* MPSA MPSU MRF N*** NDS NJW NU OC ON Others P*** R*** RCA RFD RFP S** SCT SI (Vishay) SPA SPB SPD SPI SPP SPU SPW STB STD STE STF STP STW STX SUD SUP T*** TIP TIPL TN TP** TSM U** VN VNB VNP VNW VP Z*** PROFET TRENCHFET Arrays NTE Replacemant Modulsexpand_more Enhancement Type Depletion Insulating Materialexpand_more Transponder TRIACSexpand_more Trimmersexpand_more TV, Video and moreexpand_more USBexpand_more Varistorsexpand_more Voltage Monitorsexpand_more Voltage Regulatorsexpand_more
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Represented by the general manager Birgit Löffelholz
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Str. 9
17159 Dargun
Telephone:  039959 21273
E-Mail: ceo(AT)darisus(DOT)de
VAT No.: DE 156876538

listed in the commercial register of the local court Neubrandenburg
Commercial register number - Part B of the commercial register - 2433

Alternative dispute resolution:
The European Commission provides a platform for the out-of-court resolution of disputes (ODR platform), which can be viewed under

We are a member of the initiative „FairCommerce“ since 03.08.2015.
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