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MAX498CWI - Quad-Triple, SPDT, RGB Switches with 250MHz Video, DIP24
Art.Nr.: MAX498CWI

4,872 EUR
incl. 16 % MwSt.
exkl. Versandkosten

MAX498CWI   -   Quad-Triple, SPDT, RGB Switches with 250MHz Video, DIP24

The MAX498/MAX499 are high-speed, quad/triple, single-pole/double-throw video switches with on-board closed-loop buffer amplifiers.
The buffer amplifiers feature +6dB gain (AVCL = 2V/V), 250MHz -3dB band- width, 70MHz 0.1dB gain flatness, and 1250V/ m s slew
rate. Fast switching time (3ns) and fast settling time (12ns for a 4V step) make these devices excellent choices for a wide variety of video applications.
The low differential gain/phase errors (0.03%/0.06°) and wide bandwidth make them ideal for both composite-video and RGB applications.
The amplifiers are capable of delivering ±2.5V into back-terminated 50 Ω or 75 Ω cables, and they deliver ±2V to a 75 Ω load, allowing multiple cables to be driven from a single output.
For implementation of large switch arrays, a low-power disable mode places the amplifier outputs in a high impedance state.
Channel selection and output enable/disable are controlled by four TTL/CMOS compatible logic inputs.
Each video input is isolated by an AC-ground pin, which minimizes channel-to-channel capacitance and reduces crosstalk to 90dB at 10MHz.
The four-channel MAX498 dissipates 390mW (typical) from ±5VDC power supplies with all output buffers enabled. Power consumption is reduced to 130mW with all buffers disabled.
The corresponding dissipation for the three-channel MAX499 is 300mW enabled and 100mW disabled.


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